Updated 09/17/2022 provides a collection of merchandise that is predominantly a variety of specialty products designed for unique presentation value. Personalized items may also be ordered at our customer's discretion. We do not stock inventory which would be prohibitive for our small business. We partner with other merchants who typically are unable to receive merchandise returns for the purpose of reselling those items.

The latest increases in postage and handling costs could increase overall pricing if we attempted to have a robust, revolving door policy for products ordered. Since we have no receiving center to accept merchandise we would ask that you, our valued customer keep this is mind when ordering and consider the best options available to you if you decide you no longer want the item but your order is not returnable.  The most likely options for you will be to gift, donate, or resell.

When we are able to provide a better solution that will not result in driving up the prices of our products we will enthusiastically implement the change.


If you received a damaged or defective product contact us immediately. We will resolve and provide any additional details as needed.

Contact us using with Replacement Requested in the subject line. Provide your order number and as much detail as possible.